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The Lovely List

Unusually, this week's lovely list features just two posts. That's not to say that all of the other posts I read were not enjoyable - far from it - but simply that these two stood out for me and really made me think about life and happiness.


Do you make a conscious effort to be happy every day? Do you wake up in the morning and focus on the positives of the hours that lie ahead? I have never looked for the silver linings in life; I am the one to dwell, fret and stress over every tiny thing that might lead to something negative, and, as silly as it sounds, it can be difficult to allow myself to be happy without worrying about something. This post on how to choose happiness has this week allowed me to consider that there might be a different way. It explores the idea that if you wake up every morning with a determination to be happy, truly happy, then you will be. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Sometimes we can get so stuck into a routine of dreading every Monday morning and every seemingly stressful situation that we convince ourselves it will be awful, when more often than not the result is far less terrifying. I'm guilty of following this toxic cycle in a number of aspects of my life, and reading this article made me question what on earth I have been doing it for. Surely if there's a chance to be happy we should clutch it and not force the feeling of dread upon ourselves? While the theory is all well and good, I know putting it into practice will not come easily. But I've already noticed a shift, a slight movement in the right direction. I'm really trying to choose happiness at every opportunity.


The second post on today's lovely list has reaffirmed my belief that dieting is just not the way forward. While eating healthily and seasonally are both important to me and my way of life, I don't believe that depriving yourself of the things you truly enjoy (the things that make you happy) is worth it. Life is too short, as this post on why we should ditch the diets and love our bodies instead makes clear. If I want to go out and eat a chocolate brownie, I will do. And I'm not about to feel guilty about it just because everyone else is surviving on water and celery all January long.

If I am going to wake every day and choose happiness, well then I'm going to have to choose some wonderful foods as well. Surely what's important is what's on the inside rather than the desperate desire for the 'perfect' body? There's no such thing, for a start.

Life is supposed to be joyful, it's supposed to be about laughter and smiles and doing what you love, so why wait? I hope these posts inspire you as they have done for me. Let's ditch the diets and choose happiness together!

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The Lovely List

For most people, today marks the first day back into the swing of working life for 2015. It's never easy to spring out of bed on days like today, but I'm hoping that my Christmas gift from Mr CC (a lumia lamp) will ease the pain of rising quite so early and switching my brain back on. The past week or so has been a haze of films, twinkly lights and piles of chocolate wrappers; I'm sad that the festive season has drawn to a close, but am truly looking forward to what the year ahead has to offer.


I love the idea of selecting a word to focus your energies on throughout the year, and Sarah has chosen 'creativity' - read all about why in her post here. Choosing just one word is quite a task for a logophile like myself, but considering the resolutions I have made and the plans we have for the year ahead, 'bright' seems like a positive choice. I'm determined to focus on creating joy and light in my life and that of others, making sure to always see the silver linings through tough times. The name 'Eleanor' is also said to mean 'bright', which is a happy coincidence. Have you selected a word for the 2015?

Discovering a new blog that becomes a favourite straight away is a such a wonderful feeling, and Craft Fox has become just that this week. Head over to this post where Josephine gives tips on making the perfect mini roast potatoes.

With so many lists and resolutions flying around it can be easy to dismiss and move on, but this set of thirty goals really resonates with me. I might even try a few myself...

Steph's blog posts are always so inspiring and really capture the essence of the countryside surrounding her home. These wintry photos are no exception.

Are you ready for a fresh start? Are there any posts I've missed this week?

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The {Christmas} Lovely List

There has been so much festive loveliness swinging around the blogosphere this past week that today's lovely list has a decidedly seasonal feel about it, and I have to say I'm (finally) feeling it too. The tree is up and looks wonderful, I finished wrapping all the presents last night and I only have one batch of chocolate tiffin left to make to give as gifts before I'm ready for the big day. I usually try to make quite a number of gifts, but this year has been so hectic that it has been the tiffin plus some apple and cinnamon infused whisky and that's been it, but at least I've managed something.


Let's get down to it then...

If (like me) you're still behind on your festive baking, why not try this Chestnut Bûche de Noël recipe - perfect for those of you with an aversion to the traditional mince pies or Christmas pudding.

The run up to Christmas can be stressful and manic and you can easily end up losing sight of what it's all about - check out these 10 positive things to do this Christmas week to bring you back to the moment.

Remembering happy moments and a wander to gather greenery seems like the best way to spend the winter solstice, don't you think? Head over here to read Steph's post if you agree.

The morning light at this time of the year is just beautiful. Nina's post here captures everything that needs to be said on the matter.

There's still time to get your home feeling festive, and if you're looking for some inspiration head over here for my favourite styling the seasons post yet.


So without further ado, I best be off to finish making that tiffin! I won't be back on here until after Christmas and my birthday (the 27th!), so I hope you all have a magical few days. I will be singing carols with Mr CC, being joyful that I can spend so much time with family and friends and consuming far too many roast potatoes.

Merry Christmas!

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The Lovely List

Since passing the first of December at the start of the week the blogosphere seems to have gone into Christmas overload - not that I'm complaining; I've been humming festive tunes and munching on mince pies for a couple of weeks now, and this weekend we have finally begun the festive season in the CC household by putting up our tree (see tomorrow's post for the finished result!). I have also succumbed to my annual winter illness, so as a result I have been wrapping myself up in cosy scarves, drinking cinnamon tea with honey and actually taking time out to rest and do very little (something I hardly ever allow myself). I have also found solace in winter walks, and yesterday's was so magical that I stopped every few seconds to take another photograph - it was the first hard frost of the season and looked just beautiful.


If you're looking to eat seasonally this month (as I write about here!) try this frangipane mince pie recipe - they  look absolutely wonderful and make a change from the normal festive fare.

Spindly winter stems and a brilliant blue sky for a midweek miscellany - I love this series from from Sarah and look forward to catching up with it every week.

If you're struggling for inspiration, check out these beautiful festive wrapping ideas from Leah - I particularly like the doily. If you're still on the lookout to bring some seasonal cheer into the home head over here for a table centrepiece how-to.

These photos are so evocative of the cusp of the seasonal descent into winter; they have an ethereal, magical quality that somehow Laura manages to capture perfectly.

Regular readers here will know that I love to bring nature into the home and use the seasons to inspire everything I do, and it seems as though lots of other bloggers follow a similar ethos - head over here for #stylingtheseasons inspiration for December.

What other lovely posts should I be reading that I might have missed this week?

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The Lovely List

Orange-Berries-Creative-Countryside Good morning and welcome to another lovely list, written in the warmth of my living room while the rain pours heavily and lashes against the window panes. It's been another chaotic week, though the weekend so far has allowed me some respite, for which I am thankful. Today I have lots planned; firstly I want to get started on my homemade advent calendar as we only have a week left until the Christmas season truly begins, and secondly on a similar theme I'm aiming to get my Christmas pudding on the go, as mentioned in November's Something for the Diary post. So I think a bit of Christmas music alongside these activities is definitely in order! I also want to finish up the redesign and organisation of my crafting / writing space - check out the blog in just over a week's time for the results. Phew! So much to do, so I best get on with the lovely links that have been gracing my screen this week...

For a budget-friendly seasonal meal try this wholemeal pizza with kale pesto recipe (only 44p!). Or if you're after something a bit more indulgent, but still just as seasonal, try this chestnut and bacon focaccia.

I love Lou's Nature in the Home series, and this week's selections are simply beautiful; lots of inspiration for my own home.

A unique, interesting and inspiring interview that delves into the idea of 'intentional living'. You need to read this.

Trying to stay frugal over the Christmas period? Then these helpful posts - one and two - on how to survive Christmas on a budget are for you, and for us too, as 2015 is the year of our wedding, and we're trying to save as much as we can.

What have you been up to this weekend? Any posts I should be reading?

Blog SignatureP.S. As mentioned in the last lovely list, I’ve been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2015 (#UKBA15) – it’s the first blogging award I’ve ever been a part of, so if you like what you see on Creative Countryside, I’d be very grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote for me!

The Lovely List


Weekly blog posts are funny old things. They start with the best of intentions, yet few remain and they often peter out when time becomes an issue or there simply isn't enough to write about one week. I've had so many blog posts calling out to be included in my Lovely List series, but Sunday comes and goes and I only just find time to read the blogs I enjoy, perhaps commenting on a couple, but definitely not finding the time to write about them in a post. However, I'm determined to bring this one back, because sharing is caring after all, and there are some things just too good to miss.

In other news, we let Bella off her lead for the first time this weekend, and despite Mr CC and I being a bit apprehensive she was absolutely wonderful, even when we passed a field of sheep. We've got a good one there.



This past week I've loved reading everything on The Tea Drinking English Rose. Charlotte's photographs are soft and beautiful and her excitement about Christmas is almost on a par to my own. Get over there this instant if it's not one of your regular reads!

Kaite and Reuben over at House of Humble are back and I am so glad. These ten good things right now are helping me to appreciate the small, simple things as my days grow even more hectic.

These photos make me want to go out walking. Right now.

This post on crafting the seasons at Liberty is further feeding my obsession with Christmas. I just want to stay at home and make Christmas gifts and tags all day long with a hot chocolate in hand and Bella at my feet.

A lovely life lately post from Sarah. She's also chosen me for her Sunday Spotlight this week, so make sure you check that out too!

You might have also seen in my sidebar that I've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2015 (#UKBA15) - it's the first blogging award I've ever been a part of, so if you like what you see on Creative Countryside, I'd be very grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote for me!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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The Lovely List

Good morning, and happy Sunday! First off I want to say a huge thank you for the kind messages left after my last post - it has been a very difficult week but knowing there are people out there who care makes things a little easier. As a result of what's been going on, I haven't had a great deal of time to read other posts this week, but I have managed a short round up of posts you really should check out...


"The first peepings of Autumn" from Sally over here - beautiful photographs of vast skies as well.

Have you been watching the bake off? Jenny has been baking along with it and I am loving her Lemon Meringue Baked Alaska.

Some lovely moments of happiness from Sarah - she's been picking elderberries which I did a lot of last year, have you picked and preserved any yet?

A very simple DIY coconut and sea salt foot scrub. I've made this sort of thing for presents before and it's perfect for this time of year after a summer in bare feet and flip flops.

Have you got any must-read posts for me to catch up on before the week is out?

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The Lovely List

This week has passed in a haze, a blur of emotions that still haven't settled. It has been the sort of week where clutching hold of the positives in simple daily life is the only way to make it through. Picking my first blackberry in the village, hanging out the washing and feeling a hint of a chill against my skin, travelling home through stretched, bleeding sunsets; these moments have been precious in the swirl of everything other. As a result, a lot of the blogs I've been reading have been focused on similar ideas and over the last month I have discovered a number of new favourites that I'm sharing in today's post.


Thistlebear hits the nail on the head with this post on simple, happy things (including a delicious-looking apple crisp).

I'm so glad I've discovered House of Humble - the posts embody everything I aim for in life and this week Michelle from Hugo and Elsa (another great blog) shares her five favourite things.

Autumnal photos have been appearing all over this week, but these are surely the best of the bunch?


If you're still in summer mode, though, Steph's post - Hill and Dale - is just what you need.

Let's hop back into another season and be inspired to have a spring clean for 'stuff and clutter'.

If you're approaching a 'big' age or feel like the years are slipping away a little too quickly, head over and read these reasons why it is a blessing to grow older. This week more than ever has made me count my blessings too.

Have you ever pressed flowers? I had a wooden flower press when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. This post from Caroline has brought back happy memories (plus there's a give-away too!).

Finally, if everything gets a bit too much, try making these dark chocolate seed and nut protein bites. Chocolate makes everything just a little better.

What's been on your reading list this week? I'd love for you to share what posts you've enjoyed reading or writing.

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The Lovely List
Creative Countryside - The Lovely List

Good morning, welcome to Sunday! Today's lovely list is not only a collection of lovely links for you to peruse at your leisure (with a cup of tea and slice of cake, of course) but also an introduction to the wonderful bloggers who have written guest posts for me for while I am away camping this coming week, and they really are a lovely lot...

Creative Countryside - The Lovely List

Tomorrow is Mr CC's birthday so today we're having an afternoon tea with family to celebrate the fact he's caught me up (he's 8 months younger than me!) and I was so inspired by this easy Eton Mess (complete with coulis) recipe from Lucy (blogging over at From Lucy, With Love) that I've made it for later. I can't wait.

Speaking of recipes, this Aloo Gobi is top of my list to try once I'm back from holiday. We eat Indian food quite regularly and although I've never tried cooking this, Suruchi and Hannah over at The Simply Living Blog have convinced me I must. Any other recommendations for Indian recipes for me to try? I might even make a dinner party out of it.

The lovely Amy over at Slice of Sunny has had a wonderful month if this post is anything to go by. Her visit to Stockholm looks incredible and I really want to try Swedish meatballs now! Scandinavia has been top of my list of places to travel to for a while now and after following Amy's adventures it's still riding high.

Finally Beeta from Fill My Little World lets us in on what's been happening in her week in this post from her series of Sunday round-ups. I cannot believe the Zadie Smith fact; it makes me want to write my novel even quicker. Beautiful image of Paris in Spring as well!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful week, cross your fingers the rainy weather forecast will be wrong, and enjoy the guest posts!


The Lovely List
Creative Countryside Top 5 Summer Posts

Happy Sunday all! Yesterday was a bit of a gloomy nothingness in terms of the weather, but today we're back to summer and the joy of being able to spend time outdoors. That's not to say, though, that aren't lots of lovely blog posts to be catching up on in between barbecues and sun appreciation. They might even inspire you to do something a little different with the rest of your summer...

Work from home? Then this post is definitely for you.

I've been trying to increase the number of photographs I take to both document everything that flies past in my busy life, but also to use on this blog. If you've got a busy August lined up, or want to improve your photography like me, then check out The August Break, a series of free photo prompts.

Last month one of my goals was to start enjoying cooking again. This easy midweek recipe and this refreshing summer concoction are next on my list.

I've never been the most confident of women. Admittedly, I can now portray an image of confidence, but it's never been a natural sensation, and I think a lot of people (bloggers particularly) can suffer from bouts of feeling less than their best. Here, Emily shares 8 steps for feeling confident, why not try one today? I'm starting with number 2.

I also have a bit of a confession to make: I am a magazine addict. I tell myself I won't buy anymore, but then catching the front cover leads to browsing, browsing leads to buying... you get the picture. So you can imagine my excitement when Amy posted a haul of the best food mags from around the world. What are your favourite magazines? Which, if any, do you buy regularly?

Creative Countryside Top 5 Summer Posts

Finally, as we're now in August and there are only a few precious weeks left of summer, here's a look at my top 5 summer posts that you might have missed:

  1. The Big Summer List
  2. Shopping List for Summer
  3. How to Host a Summer Party
  4. Shopping List for Camping
  5. Homemade Lemonade Recipe



The Lovely List

Good morning! This post is winging its way to you all the way from my weekend destination - London. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm here visiting friends and family and making the most of my time off from work (and the summer weather that just keeps on going!) and it's been the best way to celebrate the start of my holiday. I'll be posting next week a little more about my trip, but for now here's what's been gracing my screen with loveliness this week... London

Beautiful photos of flowers and butterflies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Safeguarding the population of bees and highlighting their importance has featured in the news quite a lot recently, and it's a topic close to my heart as Mr CC is a trained bee-keeper. These tips from Bee (blogger this time, not the creature!) are easy to follow and implement, why not give them a try?

I'm staying with friends and family this weekend, but if I wasn't this post on London's best budget hotels would come in handy. Are you heading to the capital at all this summer?

This refreshing face mist is a must DIY for the hot summer weather.

This post has highlighted the need for me to throw a provincial-style dinner party. Right now.

So many posts have focused around summer and the accompanying photography reflects that; Sally gets it just right here.

Have you read any great posts this week? Feel free to link below!



The Lovely List
The Lovely List

Good morning! I hope you've all survived the thunderstorms and are enjoying your weekends. We were hit by a deluge of water last night, so my plans for a bit of photography and some work in the garden have been thwarted by the gloomy drizzle that's currently splashing at my windows. Such is life! I have some time off scheduled soon so I'm focusing on that instead, and getting excited about plans for the rest of the summer; are you doing anything much?

Reading up for this week's lovely list I discovered something else that I really need to add to my big summer list. What's on yours?

Want a healthy breakfast that delivers big on taste too? This is for you.

There has been a whole load of loveliness over at Daydreams of Summertime this week; this post makes me want to visit Croatia again. Right now.

The Lovely List

Last time I went was in 2010 with my sister on our inter-railing trip around Europe. We stopped off in Split for a couple of nights and it was exactly what we needed after having traipsed around northern European cities in the rain (summer came late that year!). The sun was hot, the sea was clearer and brighter than I had ever seen, and we were - for that short time - very happy travellers.

Rhubarb upside down yoghurt cake? Yes please!

If you missed it, this week's most popular post included 5 simple tips to improve your blog writing. Looking for even more advice? Check out 20 more tips here.

Finally, have you ever considered blogger business cards? Frankie shows her new cards to the world here.

What's been gracing your screens this week?




P.S. Check out last week's lovely list here.