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Creative Countryside Top 5 Summer Posts

Happy Sunday all! Yesterday was a bit of a gloomy nothingness in terms of the weather, but today we're back to summer and the joy of being able to spend time outdoors. That's not to say, though, that aren't lots of lovely blog posts to be catching up on in between barbecues and sun appreciation. They might even inspire you to do something a little different with the rest of your summer...

Work from home? Then this post is definitely for you.

I've been trying to increase the number of photographs I take to both document everything that flies past in my busy life, but also to use on this blog. If you've got a busy August lined up, or want to improve your photography like me, then check out The August Break, a series of free photo prompts.

Last month one of my goals was to start enjoying cooking again. This easy midweek recipe and this refreshing summer concoction are next on my list.

I've never been the most confident of women. Admittedly, I can now portray an image of confidence, but it's never been a natural sensation, and I think a lot of people (bloggers particularly) can suffer from bouts of feeling less than their best. Here, Emily shares 8 steps for feeling confident, why not try one today? I'm starting with number 2.

I also have a bit of a confession to make: I am a magazine addict. I tell myself I won't buy anymore, but then catching the front cover leads to browsing, browsing leads to buying... you get the picture. So you can imagine my excitement when Amy posted a haul of the best food mags from around the world. What are your favourite magazines? Which, if any, do you buy regularly?

Creative Countryside Top 5 Summer Posts

Finally, as we're now in August and there are only a few precious weeks left of summer, here's a look at my top 5 summer posts that you might have missed:

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