The Lovely List

This week has passed in a haze, a blur of emotions that still haven't settled. It has been the sort of week where clutching hold of the positives in simple daily life is the only way to make it through. Picking my first blackberry in the village, hanging out the washing and feeling a hint of a chill against my skin, travelling home through stretched, bleeding sunsets; these moments have been precious in the swirl of everything other. As a result, a lot of the blogs I've been reading have been focused on similar ideas and over the last month I have discovered a number of new favourites that I'm sharing in today's post.


Thistlebear hits the nail on the head with this post on simple, happy things (including a delicious-looking apple crisp).

I'm so glad I've discovered House of Humble - the posts embody everything I aim for in life and this week Michelle from Hugo and Elsa (another great blog) shares her five favourite things.

Autumnal photos have been appearing all over this week, but these are surely the best of the bunch?


If you're still in summer mode, though, Steph's post - Hill and Dale - is just what you need.

Let's hop back into another season and be inspired to have a spring clean for 'stuff and clutter'.

If you're approaching a 'big' age or feel like the years are slipping away a little too quickly, head over and read these reasons why it is a blessing to grow older. This week more than ever has made me count my blessings too.

Have you ever pressed flowers? I had a wooden flower press when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. This post from Caroline has brought back happy memories (plus there's a give-away too!).

Finally, if everything gets a bit too much, try making these dark chocolate seed and nut protein bites. Chocolate makes everything just a little better.

What's been on your reading list this week? I'd love for you to share what posts you've enjoyed reading or writing.

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