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Nature & Culture: Finding a Common Ground

Nature and culture are often viewed as two distinct concepts. Nature is wild, it is 'out there' rather than 'in here', and sometimes it feels as though you have to make the choice to immerse yourself in the natural world. Yet it is a part of our culture, and of our everyday lives: it is the tiny green shoots emerging between the pavement cracks, the droplets of rain on the end of our nose, the crow perched on the tallest branch of the tree on the corner, creaking a sombre tune...


Small is Beautiful

Most of us exist and thrive under the illusion that we need to do more, to be more, and are always be looking for ways to become bigger and better. If we're not constantly searching for the next promotion, a bigger house, more money, it feels as though we're not following the right path. Simply being happy and satisfied with our current lot, and valuing relationships, craft and the environment over all else, is definitely not the norm...




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Creative Countryside is an online journal and quarterly printed magazine for wild and wholehearted folk.

It is for those who strive to live more slowly, who are inspired by the first snowdrop and who walk outside in the rain.

It is for lovers of stories, everyday adventures and local traditions. It is curated for those who opt for simplicity, appreciate ancient crafts, and celebrate the seasons.



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