The Big Summer List


I love lists. I might even be a list obsessive. I have notebooks full of them; lists for shopping, lists for holidays, lists for gifts, even lists for lists. So it will come as no surprise that each season I like to come up with a list of seasonal ideas of things to do, places to see and so on. It helps to direct my energies on those days when you want to do something but you really can't put your finger on what; it also enables me to plan ahead, which for a list-lover is of course a bonus too.


Here's what I'm hoping to do this summer...

  1. Host a barbecue at least once.
  2. Do some stargazing (Mr CC has a pretty fancy telescope...).
  3. Eat more salads for evening meals.
  4. Go for more walks - we have beautiful countryside right on our doorstep and I need to take advantage more often.
  5. Make some more blackcurrant jam. We've just finished our last jar from last year (it's lasted quite a while!) and it was so delicious I'm definitely going to make some more.
  6. Spend a wonderful weekend in London with friends (we're going to the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A and I can't wait!).
  7. Read in the garden without feeling guilty that I have other more important things to be doing.
  8. Dry all the petals I can to use as confetti for our wedding next year.
  9. Document every week in the garden with as many photographs as possible (and also work on improving my photography skills).
  10. Experiment with recipes so I don't always fall back to the same dishes each week.

What do you think; are you making any lists for summer? I'd love for you to share what you'll be doing over these next few months!