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Weekly blog posts are funny old things. They start with the best of intentions, yet few remain and they often peter out when time becomes an issue or there simply isn't enough to write about one week. I've had so many blog posts calling out to be included in my Lovely List series, but Sunday comes and goes and I only just find time to read the blogs I enjoy, perhaps commenting on a couple, but definitely not finding the time to write about them in a post. However, I'm determined to bring this one back, because sharing is caring after all, and there are some things just too good to miss.

In other news, we let Bella off her lead for the first time this weekend, and despite Mr CC and I being a bit apprehensive she was absolutely wonderful, even when we passed a field of sheep. We've got a good one there.



This past week I've loved reading everything on The Tea Drinking English Rose. Charlotte's photographs are soft and beautiful and her excitement about Christmas is almost on a par to my own. Get over there this instant if it's not one of your regular reads!

Kaite and Reuben over at House of Humble are back and I am so glad. These ten good things right now are helping me to appreciate the small, simple things as my days grow even more hectic.

These photos make me want to go out walking. Right now.

This post on crafting the seasons at Liberty is further feeding my obsession with Christmas. I just want to stay at home and make Christmas gifts and tags all day long with a hot chocolate in hand and Bella at my feet.

A lovely life lately post from Sarah. She's also chosen me for her Sunday Spotlight this week, so make sure you check that out too!

You might have also seen in my sidebar that I've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2015 (#UKBA15) - it's the first blogging award I've ever been a part of, so if you like what you see on Creative Countryside, I'd be very grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote for me!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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