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A Summer List
  1. Reconnect with nature on a micro-adventure in the wild.
  2. Go and see a play or adaptation outdoors.
  3. Make mornings easier: simplify your wardrobe.
  4. Explore and find your new favourite walk.
  5. Make jams and jellies and preserve the summer surplus.
  6. Develop a relaxation routine you love.
  7. Leave a part of your garden to grow wild to encourage wildlife.
  8. Make your own ice lollies with fresh juice to cool you down on hot days.
  9. If you don’t grow-your-own, visit a PYO farm for fresh berries or vegetables.
  10. Celebrate Midsummer with a bonfire and family.
A Spring List
  1. Have a picnic at the beach (even if the weather is bracing).
  2. Visit somewhere new, perhaps somewhere you only normally visit in the summer.
  3. Make your own pesto – you could use wild garlic, nettles or spinach.
  4. Go for late evening walks with a flask of something hot and enjoy the starry night sky.
  5. Spring clean using natural products. You only need lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, distilled white vinegar and a bit of beeswax.
  6. Buy a bunch of seasonal British blooms: look out for daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and irises.
  7. Plant seeds in the garden for flowers and vegetables. Even a tiny plot can yield plenty of salad for the summer months.
  8. Make a spring wreath.
  9. Challenge yourself to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day.
  10. Keep a nature diary of everything you see in your garden, or when walking.
A Winter List

Autumn has flown by in a whirl of leaves and has reached its muddy end; we now welcome in the new season of frosts and revel as one year comes to a close and another begins.

So what's in store for the winter months ahead?

  1. Have a festive film night and spend some quality time with family.
  2. Set goals for the new year.
  3. Enjoy the snow (if we get any) and the frost (if we don't), making sure to take lots of long walks.
  4. Whisk up some pancakes for breakfast and have a leisurely start to a weekend.
  5. Put together a photobook from the past year.
  6. Have a spa day at home.
  7. Try out some new wintry recipes.
  8. Craft more. Make time for hobbies.
  9. Do yoga, pilates, or meditate to avoid the stresses of the season.
  10. Plan out the year in the garden.
Summertime Happy List

Good morning - I hope the sun is shining for you on this lovely Tuesday morning! Today I am delighted to introduce my second guest post of the week winging its way from Lucy and her blog From Lucy With Love. Lucy's craft posts always inspire me to get going on my own projects, and her writing style is so positive and friendly that it feels like you're chatting over cake when you read her words. Do check out the blog, and her wonderful 'About' page... Hi everyone! I was so pleased when Eleanor contacted me to ask me to do a guest post for this lovely blog as it is one that I read all the time and look forward to catching up with on Bloglovin’ with a nice cup of tea on a Sunday morning.

Over on From Lucy With Love I am a big fan of documenting all the little things that make my life happier and so, when I was thinking about doing this post, I thought what better way of you getting to know me than through one of my ‘Happy Lists’? I hope you enjoy!

Summertime Happy List

:: Sitting out in the early Wiltshire sun listening to nothing but the birds singing and the trees rustling in the breeze.

:: Bright corals on my nails and lips.


:: Filling the house with sweet peas. They have grown like beanstalks this year!


:: Copious amounts of peach iced tea. I just love this drink in the summertime with some fresh mint and chopped up peach too, so yummy and refreshing!

:: Moody summer storms that wake you up in the early hours.

:: Ripped jeans, white t-shirt and converse=my summer staples!


:: Fresh strawberries (in any form!).

:: Sunday afternoons wandering around the garden centre with my other half, enjoying the smell of lavender and roses.

:: The smell of barbeques in the air.

:: Lazy brunches with best friends. You can’t beat a catch up over pancakes can you?


:: Country walks with big skies, wild flowers and rolling fields. I love living in the country!

:: Wearing shorts with loose knit jumpers on a cool summer evening, so cosy.

:: That ‘schools out’ feeling that the month of August brings, despite the fact that I left school far too many years ago to mention.

:: Autumn clothing catalogues arriving on my doormat. A girl can plan ahead right?

Why not let me know what would be on your Happy List for summer?

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The Big Summer List

I love lists. I might even be a list obsessive. I have notebooks full of them; lists for shopping, lists for holidays, lists for gifts, even lists for lists. So it will come as no surprise that each season I like to come up with a list of seasonal ideas of things to do, places to see and so on. It helps to direct my energies on those days when you want to do something but you really can't put your finger on what; it also enables me to plan ahead, which for a list-lover is of course a bonus too.


Here's what I'm hoping to do this summer...

  1. Host a barbecue at least once.
  2. Do some stargazing (Mr CC has a pretty fancy telescope...).
  3. Eat more salads for evening meals.
  4. Go for more walks - we have beautiful countryside right on our doorstep and I need to take advantage more often.
  5. Make some more blackcurrant jam. We've just finished our last jar from last year (it's lasted quite a while!) and it was so delicious I'm definitely going to make some more.
  6. Spend a wonderful weekend in London with friends (we're going to the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A and I can't wait!).
  7. Read in the garden without feeling guilty that I have other more important things to be doing.
  8. Dry all the petals I can to use as confetti for our wedding next year.
  9. Document every week in the garden with as many photographs as possible (and also work on improving my photography skills).
  10. Experiment with recipes so I don't always fall back to the same dishes each week.

What do you think; are you making any lists for summer? I'd love for you to share what you'll be doing over these next few months!