3 Books for Countryside Dwellers


Inspired by the new #bookbloggers chat on Twitter last night (every Tuesday 7-8) I have decided that this blog should feature a few more book-related posts.  It is, after all, the obsession in my life that has lasted the longest.  So I'll kick off this new-found enthusiasm with my top 3 books that every countryside dweller shouldn't be without...

  1. 'Fork to Fork' by Monty Don.  This man is my God.  I was introduced to him through Gardeners' World and have since read pretty much every book he has ever written.  I love the self-deprecating tone he adopts at times, and the honesty with which he shares his life.  Any gardener or cook is bound to sympathise with the plights and dilemmas he endures and the successes he achieves.  This book documents the journey from plot to plate that is so important in our house, and adds a few delicious recipes along the way.  I urge you to give this book some time.  You won't regret it.  41sSy2QBjEL
  2. 'The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency' by John Seymour.  An oldie-but-goody here.  John Seymour wrote the classic books introducing the idea of self-sufficiency to a consumer-obsessed world.  My parents followed some of his advice when they set up their small-holding, and although some of the ideas are outdated and not all are relevant to my life, I have nevertheless been inspired by the straight-talking tips that Seymour includes.  Intriguing diagrams an added bonus.  51RKW59K9HL
  3. 'Forgotten Skills of Cooking' by Darina Allen.  Mr CC was actually bought this for his birthday a couple of years ago but I have hijacked it for my own weekly use in the kitchen.  Whatever food you are looking to include, there is more likely than not a recipe for it in here.  The recipes are clear and Allen offers interesting and often unique approaches to ingredients.  For those of you who want to learn how to gut a fish, make elderflower cordial or know which part of a lamb is best for which cooking style, this is the book for you. 9781856267885

Please do let me know if you have any other countryside book recommendations - happy reading!



Eleanor Cheetham