The Year in Books: March


Mr CC got me this book as a stocking gift for Christmas.  I think he saw the title and thought it would be appropriate for our first Christmas as a newly-engaged couple, but he'd also done his research and thought I'd enjoy the different cultural perspectives the book offers.  He was right (as usual with his book choices).  The book did not only provide a different angle on marriage, it also made me consider how different our life values might be if we had simply been born elsewhere.  The protagonist's move from Bangladesh to marry an American man she met online, and her subsequent attempts to fit in with her new surroundings are thought-provoking and at times humorous.  However, it is the struggle of her parents to escape the life they have always know that forms the backbone of the story.


This project has forced me to make time for reading; a hobby that sadly gets neglected when life gets in the way, but one that brings me great happiness when I actually get round to it.  So for next month I'm going to tackle another.  This book is one I bought in the best bookshop in the world - Shakespeare & Company in Paris (right opposite the Notre Dame if you are interested) - in 2010 and it has lingered on my bookshelf ever since, hiding away behind more recent purchases.  But no longer!

201 - Copy

The book I've chosen is Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast.  Being set in Paris, I'm sure it will alight my passions for the city once again, and let's face it, anything with the word 'feast' in the title has got to be worth a read.


Check out Circle of Pine Trees for more information about The Year in Books or for some more great recommendations.  Happy reading!