The Lovely List

What a hectic week! So much so that The Lovely List has been delayed by a day, but I have blogging to blame (in a sense) as I attended my first blog meet up (!) on Saturday in Lincoln (more on that later in the week).

First off I'd like to introduce you to a new blog - The Frugal Cottage.  Nicola posts on frugal living and has tons of tips to use in your daily life to improve finances in a non-invasive way. My favourite post this week has got to be on how meal planning benefits your health and your wealth. Well worth checking out.

I always get tons of recipe inspiration from the blogs I read and really should get round to trying more out them out. This week I want to try spinach and feta pasties and caramelised onion and garlic fougasse. What about you?

Lovely happy lists here and here. Want to see my summer list?

hemingway quote

Why we write is an interesting concept. Do we write because we feel the urge to express our ideas and opinions? To simply get things down onto paper (or screen)? Do we write in order to exist? Find out what Bee thinks here.

What have you been up to this weekend? What plans do you have for the week ahead?



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