The 1940's Way of Life


Mr CC has a little obsession.  It has permeated his being for as long as I have known him, and now it's even starting to rub off on me. It involves one particular decade, and the main event within it - World War II.  Now I'm not about to start referencing names of weapons or browsing uniforms like Mr CC, frequently spending evenings looking for a vintage bargain online.  Oh no.  My affiliation to the 1940's is simply to do with the way of life.


Take the 'Grow Your Own' mentality, evidenced in the poster above, that pervaded the lives of ordinary town and countryside dwellers. It forced many to delve into the world of lettuce seeds and potato drills simply to keep food on their plate.  The world has, inevitably, moved on since this crisis point, but the main principle of the scheme - namely that growing vegetables and keeping livestock is essential to the running of the family home - is still alive and well in our little patch of countryside.

Further, the 'Make Do and Mend' philosophy that seems to be experiencing somewhat of a comeback at present is also at the forefront of our way of life. If a button falls off we sew it back on, if we break a pot we glue it back together, and this concept also features in the preparations for our wedding next year - we have already begun to dry petals to make our own confetti, and we are using my sister's expertise to help make the serviettes and tablecloth out of fabric we already own.

This concept can be tiring but the rewards are so substantial that I simply can't see any change in the future. I'm interested; does anyone else follow this lifestyle and if so how do you find it?



Eleanor Cheetham