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Good morning and happy Sunday! It's a bit blustery here this morning, so the dog walk first thing certainly blew any early cobwebs away. I'm hoping for a fairly quiet day today - tomorrow I am back at work after some time off and while I still have lots that I should be doing, I know once the week begins I won't have chance to stop, so plan to relish the final few hours of peace today. On that note, here are some posts for you to explore if you've got similar plans today...


Lucy got married recently and on her honeymoon found a clearing of the mental mists; something I have also felt this week, and what a wonderful feeling it has been.

If you're still looking for some inspiration or motivation, these wise words from Buddha that Lucy (a different Lucy!) found on her travels abroad are just what you need. My favourite? "Only who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

On a similar theme, Elizabeth's post on why it is essential to fail makes for an interesting read.

Finally, for a colour that encapsulates spring, head over to Sally's positive post on the love of green.


If you read this month's Eat Seasonably post, you'll know that fish is the order of the day in April. These rosti crab cakes from Delia are perfect for a midweek meal or a leisurely weekend lunch.

Homemade dips are always so much tastier than ones from the shop, and this week I've tried my hand at a cannellini bean dip - simply follow Ella's recipe here, and replace the chickpeas for cannellini beans. Serve with crunchy vegetables, in a wrap, or stir in a pasta sauce to thicken.


If you're for a project this week, hunt out a steamer trunk and give it a new lease of life as a coffee table. Josephine Penelope shows you how here.

Live in Lancashire? Tempted to visit this year? You will be after seeing these lovely images and tips for where to go exploring in the county from Nishaantishu.

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