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Good morning, and Happy Easter! We're starting the day with poached duck eggs instead of the chocolate kind, thinking ahead to the new life that will hopefully start appearing in the garden soon. How are you planning to spend your Sunday? Mr CC is working so I'll be (weather-permitting) out in the vegetable garden getting on with some planting and trying not to get too excited about my mum's cooking later on. If you're having a slow start to the day, here are some links to keep you occupied...


Ever heard of slow blogging? Neither had I until this week, but I like the sound of it. Jenny's blog is proof that it works, too - there are so many useful and detailed posts on blogging and the creative process, and I'm steadily working my way through the archives.

Want to get growing vegetables but not sure what to plant with the space you have? This easy to follow infographic has everything you need all in one place.


I mentioned in Friday's post that we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast (and really, who doesn't?!) so this post has definitely continued my love for the humble pancake in all its many forms. Almond spelt pancakes, anyone?

Looking for something simple to bake for Easter? Look no further than these mini simnel cakes.

Sticking with a baking theme (and a sweet theme - I think I must be craving sugar this week!), Rosie's nostalgic gingerbread muffin recipe is heading straight to the top of my 'to bake' list. The addition of tart lemon glaze is genius.


It's Easter so for anyone with children that can mean two weeks of trying to keep them busy and happy. Head over here for five great outdoor activities that are bound to delight, even if the weather is not quite up to scratch.

I mentioned last week my new love for Pretty Nostalgic, and this week they're looking for your help. Dedicate just a minute of your time to vote for the magazine to guarantee it a bright future.

What links have you loved this week?

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