Things to Grow on Your Windowsill


To kick off today's post I want to say that although we now have a polytunnel and grow most things from seed in there, when we first moved to the country we had little more than a warm(ish) windowsill.  Our pea plants, lettuces and carrots all started life there - albeit with mixed results - and so I feel qualified to advise that although it can be difficult, if you have the right conditions you really can reap the rewards. So firstly - do you have the right windowsill?! Here are some general tips from the BBC on growing grub on your windowsill; particularly helpful before you get started to check that you have the right conditions.

So you've got your windowsill. Now what on earth should you plant? From my own experience I'd have to say that herbs are the easiest and most fruitful plants to start off with, and some can grow so quickly you could be flavouring your evening meals in no time.

Luckily the fabulous folks at Gardening After Five posted a few years ago, covering everything from how much water the herbs need to what containers to use; link here.

If you prefer visual tips try this YouTube tutorial here; I love the look of the mojito in this video! This is actually marketed as being for men, but I love the simple style and basic tips - definitely one for both genders.

Now if herbs aren't your bag (and if so - why on earth not?!) or you're looking to add to your current collection of windowsill plants, there are other choices. Lettuces are probably your next best option, simply for the fact that they grow quickly and if you grow the 'cut-and-come-again' varieties they will continue to crop throughout the summer months. Try these if you're unsure which variety to start with. Just be careful that you rotate the pot so that the lettuce doesn't just grow in one direction, and be careful it's not too hot as the lettuce will get leggy and wilt before growing leaves. Suttons give more great tips here.