The Year in Books: March


The intermittent reading of poems is such a pleasure over the course of a month. I haven't read all of the poems from my February choice of the Virago Book of Love Poetry, but those that I have read have provided much needed creative inspiration and time for reflection on what is important in life; namely, love. Mr CC and I don't get to spend much time together, but we try and make the most of what time we have. This week we took Bella for a walk and laughed the whole way as we watched her scamper and frolic in the fields and it felt so joyous that I didn't want to return back home.

I had already read a number of the poems before, but nevertheless it was pleasant to peruse a few classics and some more modern selections. Despite a vast number of poems and many favourites among the bunch, I doubt it will be a book I reach for in the near future; rather a reference book should I ever feel the desire to read a love poem, or perhaps to utilise when we are choosing the readings for our wedding ceremony.

For the month ahead I'll be trying something a little more countryside-focused: The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane. Following ancient tracks, holloways, drove-roads and sea paths, Macfarlane explores the stories of these tracks, the people and places associated with them and the landscapes which they inhabit. Professing to bring togther 'natural history, cartography, geology, archaeology and literature', it promises an adventurous journey and 'nourishment for the mind.' A hefty tome, it presents as the perfect choice with which to begin the Spring segment of my year in books journey, with positive energy and a renewed focus on the natural world.

What have you been reading this month? Any recommendations? As always, head over to Circle of Pine Trees for more inspiration and to share your choice for the year in books.

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