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The Lovely List

Happy Sunday! How are you all this morning? Let's begin the first ever Lovely List with a bit of a pep talk, just in case you've had a bit of a rubbish week:

...and if you still need some motivation this nifty flow-chart will set you right.

Luckily my week hasn't been too bad! I've had quite a lot on at work but have managed to keep the house pretty tidy (a monumental achievement) and catch up with friends. Today I'm hoping to get in the garden so I can take more lovely images like the ones here and here.

Love Paris as much as I do? Then you'll be lusting over these beautiful images.

It's early summer now, and that can only mean one thing: strawberries. Want to know how to make them last longer?

Creating an inspiring work space can sometimes be a challenge, but this pin-board is so easy to make that the job's half done already.

Finally the blog you really should be following this week (if you aren't already) is Made in Hunters - another lifestyle blog from the English countryside, and in particular this post on living in your own world. Emma's dog Grizzle is also extremely cute and features (happily) in lots of her images.

What have you loved this week?