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Escape Outdoors: The Beach

Living within forty-five minutes of the coast has always been one of the attractions of living in Lincolnshire. Don't get me wrong, the green rolling fields of the countryside are, without doubt, where my heart truly lies, but there's something about a trip to the beach that refreshes the senses and makes for a rather contented feeling. Last week we ventured to Theddlethorpe beach, somewhere we've not explored before, but a place I'd been recommended for being quiet and dog-friendly, and it did not disappoint.

This was Bella's first trip to the beach and she absolutely loved it; she spent the morning frolicking through the sand dunes and splashing through the waves, even braving a quick swim before feeling a little out of her depth. The best part? We had the beach pretty much to ourselves, and there was so much space! Spring had well and truly arrived so coats were off and we paddled with Bella before stopping just by the shoreline to enjoy a cup of tea and a mid-morning snack. We felt elated with sunshine, warmth and happiness and closed our eyes, imagining we were on holiday (which wasn't particularly difficult).

Another hour sped past and we wandered some more, fascinated by the debris left behind by the tides: crab's claws, starfish, razor shells, seaweed and even a ship's mast. The sunlight glistened on the droplets left behind in the rivets of sand. Sea birds sang with delight and flew swiftly across the haze of blue on the horizon. We left feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever the rest of spring has to throw at us, content in the knowledge that we'd spent so little but gained so much pleasure from our morning.