A Slow Living Love List


One of my favourite things to do is read and learn more about the things I'm passionate about. I've always had a voracious mind and as an adult I'm no different; if there's a course or article that appeals I'll sign up and take part straight away, and I think by doing this I make sure I'm always evolving as a person. Finding a video or book that speaks directly to you is such a wonderful feeling, and in my quest to live life a little more slowly I've found some fantastic resources just like this, so today I'm sharing them with you...

First up, if you're still a little unsure what slow living really entails, you should watch this video - In Praise of Slowness - with Carl Honore, who is often seen as the first true advocate of the slow living movement. There's also an interview with him here on Kinfolk which is definitely worth a read.

For anyone involved in business (and particularly for those running their own businesses), The Happy Startup School is an incredibly heart-warming and inspiring space that offers a free e-book and helpful videos alongside blog posts and more. The Happy Startup Summer Camp is definitely something you should check out too - particularly these videos.

Ever heard of microadventures? Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer who experiences the wild in a way that easily fits in with your everyday life. Think wild camping, alfresco dining and truly embracing the elements. You can take part in Your Year of Microadventures right now, and summer is the perfect time to begin!

Looking for a slow living must-read list for your next trip to a bookshop? London Review Bookshop has one for you right here.

Create the Good Life is a comprehensive online space for all things slow living. Each month a new article goes live about topics such as the power of understanding the choices we make, personal sustainability and the sacred everyday. Small, Ordinary and Deeply Fulfilling is a good place to start.

For a brief foray into the micropolitics of slow living this journal article is for you. 

The International Institute of Not Doing Much offers a tongue-in-cheek checklist of how to slow down.

For more news articles, The Huffington Post has a whole section on slow living - my favourite article is Unplug and Recharge, offering the secrets of a simple life.

Next on my to-read list are Slow Family Living: 75 Simple Ways to Slow Down, Connect, and Create More Joy and The Happiness Project. I'm always on the lookout for books like this, so if you have any you particularly love let me know!

Do you enjoy learning new things? What have you been inspired by lately?

Eleanor Holmes