May in the Garden

may in the garden

May and June are the months when our garden really comes to life; colours pop in every border and vegetables start to thrust out from the soil in earnest. The colour palette is formed from candyfloss pinks, vintage lace creams and soft yellows and is a delight to return home to after a hard day at work.

These images were taken right at the end of May and reflect the cusp of changing seasons:

may in the garden
may in the garden

(From top left) sunlight filtering through the newly formed ash leaves; potato plants about to flower; the bud of a deep red rose; a half formed blast of pink; an explosion of cow parsley; lettuces and radishes tempt; the tendrils of a young pea plant; a haze of pink; a tiny yellow rose on the patio.

Things to be doing in the garden this month:

  • Sow seeds for late carrots and kale. [More advice here.]
  • Plant out courgettes and runner beans. [Video advice on courgettes here.]
  • Harvest lettuces, radishes and early potatoes. [How to grow potatoes here.]

What does your garden look like in May? Do you have the same colour palette as we do?

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