Go Visit: York (Day One)



Recently Mr CC and I visited York for a couple of nights and I have finally got round to documenting the trip.  It started, as all trips to York should, with a view of the magnificent minster, its towers blazing into the bright blue sky (and only a few with scaffolding!).  We didn't go in - we've done that before - but simply gazed at its beauty for a while, before realising it was a bit cold and we were actually in need of some refreshment.

You have two choices in York: you either pick one of the small, quaint tearooms (of which there are numerous) or you go to Betty's.  We chose the latter.  It had been a while since we'd indulged ourselves, and the smaller tearoom on Stonegate did not let us down.  I ordered a cinnamon hot chocolate and a plate of winter berry pancakes.  Mr CC opted for a scone and a China rose petal tea (I know - he's much fancier than I am). My order was the clear winner, but his didn't look bad either, and a sip of his tea and nibble of his scone was enough to convince me that he had also chosen wisely.

bettys yorkWhen subsequently full absolutely stuffed we meandered our way back around to the minster and fell into our idea of heaven, and a frequent highlight of our visits to York - The Minster Gate Bookshop.  This time we were relatively restrained and only left with a few choice selections each.  If you're passing and can spare a few minutes (or a few hours - it's huge) take advantage.

A further highlight of that first day was our visit to the National Trust's Treasurer's House. I know, I know, National Trust again, but when you have the card you may as well make use of it!


The Treasurer's House was running tours on the day we arrived, and although I'm normally averse to these, preferring to explore a property at my leisure, it was actually informative and interesting; our guide shared plenty of spooky tales as the house is supposedly haunted by a number of ghosts from across the ages including Roman soldiers and a murderer!  If you're looking for somewhere to hook the imagination (young or old) this is the place.

Our second day featured a hidden church, a wedding fragrance and a step back into time. Check back later in the week for the second post!



Eleanor Cheetham