10 Simple Living Blogs You Should Be Reading


Living simply is an ethos and way of life for us: we try to live consciously and by the seasons, growing our own food and making use of what we have, but it isn't easy. Sometimes you need an inspiring post to motivate you to get off the sofa and actually get on with stuff. Sometimes you desire affirmation that this is the way of life you want to adopt. Most of the time I find this in the books and blogs I read, and in today's post I'm sharing 10 of my favourite simple living blogs that you really should be reading...

  1. Mitenska - Sarah's blog has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. She documents her life in the blustery north with images of spectacular scenery, snippets from her life as a mum and seasonal posts that always feel so real (as well as being beautiful - she's got the perfect balance). Favourite post: Elegant Economy: baking
  2. The Frugal Cottage - Nicola is not only the writer of a hugely helpful blog dealing with all matters frugal, she is also a close friend that I have known for a number of years. Her positive posts offer advice on budgeting, living simply in order to save and long-term goals for the future which include early retirement.  Favourite post: How to Achieve a Good Work/Life Balance
  3. House of Humble - Katie and Reuben have just had a baby so (inevitably) posts are infrequent at the moment, but the archived content is so wonderful for this blog that you'll still be kept happy. Posting on steps to a simple life, planting vegetables and living frugally, this is one inspiring space. Favourite post: It's OK to be Happy With a Quiet Life
  4. Cinnamon Girl - Posts are often infrequent but oh so wonderful when they do appear. Focusing on rearing animals, growing your own and family life, these images tell a story that will make you want to follow your dreams. Favourite post: First Snow
  5. Sophie Isobel Asher - After a recent name change this blog seems to have gone from strength to strength. A source of constant inspiration for practical tips and links to other helpful sites. Favourite post: Staying on Track with Simple Living Goals
  6. Nina Nixon - Nina's blog is full to the brim of evocative, seasonal images and carefully crafted words. Her approach is always a little bit different, and that's what I love about heading over to this space. Favourite post: Flow
  7. Hannah's Homespun Life - A recent addition to my reading list, Hannah's focus on simple living and homespun pleasures makes for a refreshing read. I also discovered Pretty Nostalgic through Hannah, which is another reason to love her blog! Favourite post: Lazy Girl's Bara Brith
  8. Curlew Country - The header for Steph's blog promises countryside bliss, and believe me you won't be disappointed. With images of walks in the countryside and family life, if you don't live in a rural area this blog will make you want to move. Favourite post: Hill Country
  9. Hugo and Elsa - Recipes that will make you want to get cooking right away and and images filled with beautiful light are the order of the day over at Michelle's blog. Her book - A Table in the Orchard - will be released soon and has gone straight to the top of my wish list. Favourite post: A Camping Master List
  10. Little House Living - A treasure trove of helpful hints, how-to posts and frugal living tips - pretty much anything you need help with will be covered here. Favourite post: The Homemaker's Creed

Do you have any favourite simple living blogs that you follow?

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