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Behind-the-Scenes: One Year In

This time last year I was starting to plan out the crowdfunding campaign to fund the first issue of Creative Countryside magazine. I had no idea whether it would work, whether anyone would care, or where I'd be twelve months on, but here we are, still going!

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Creative in The Countryside: Josephine Brooks

Until the beginning of 2018 I was growing my own handmade business, creating country home décor using British-made textiles. However, since then, I’ve been going through a transitional period, creating my mentoring business. My mission is to help other handmade business owners get organised and create a plan to grow their business, so they can create the lifestyle they dream of…

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CreativeNicola Judkins
Creative in the Countryside: The Home Paddock

Nicola:  Can you start by telling us about The Home Paddock and how you came to start your own business?

Sarah:  I’ve always had a strong desire to own a little business of my own. As a teenager I wanted to have a shop filled with rustic furniture and beautiful things. I had a lovely dream of spending my days restoring furniture and arranging the shop to look amazing!

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Creative in the Countryside: Cowparsley at Home

Nicola:  Can you start by telling us about Cowparsley at Home and the journey you took to start your own business?

Alison:  The countryside, most notably my time spent on Dartmoor, has had a huge and lasting influence on my life; both as a playground through my childhood, and as a comfort and anchor during challenging times in my adult life…

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