The Awe of Autumn

It is Autumn. Slowly bringing us home again to the innate desire for cosy, family, connection. Warming chatter to share the wonder of the natural changes of the season amongst us. Children playing in the leaves, relishing the adventure that nature provides. It comes but once every year. It is Autumn.

We are safely within its grasp. Beckoned into nature to witness its stirring performance of transformation. Blink and you miss the spectacle of colour, the tie-dying of every piece of fauna and flora, the breeze’s change of tempo and the trees’ hoarse whispers in the wind.

May I ask you to take a walk in my company, down a woodland trail with a golden canopy to keep our stories from flying away as they fill the air. May I ask you to take gentle care to notice every beautiful detail of this season with me: let's remember it all.


I seek:

Tiny hazel caps scattered across the frosted grass.

Leaves chasing each other in the cooling breeze across meadow grass and crooked pavements.

The warmth of golden colours sends stirring feelings through our bodies, touching our souls with a reassuring 'welcome home.'

I see:

Sun-kissed skin and cold, rosy cheeks, with scarves enveloping our necks as we embrace the chill of first light.

A sea of golden leafy puddles to jump in.

A carpet of earthy colours to guide our way on a favourite trail.

The wildlife slowing down in their quiet way, forming dens and safe hideaways while gathering the trees’ offerings as they fall to the ground.

I hear:

The pure chirps of a robin’s morning chorus as the sun rises.

A soft humming in the trees as they prepare to let their leaves go from the safety of their aging branches.

I feel:

Promises of nestling down into a warming slumber as the sunsets visit earlier each evening.

The excitement of change as the long summer closes down, and the familiar sights around us transform before our very eyes.

Energy touching every flower as it curls up and prepares to fade back into the soil having bloomed so tirelessly in weeks before.

Time. Slowing down. Asking that we do the same.


What do you seek, see, hear and feel this Autumn? I hope you experience it all with awe and wonder with whatever you may find.

Amelia Goodall

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