Savouring Autumn

Once we’re in the heart of autumn, there’s nothing I love more than to embrace every piece of autumn’s magic that surrounds me.

I’ll come back home and warm my hands around a steaming mug of tea and empty my pockets of foraged autumn treasures. I’ll fill the home with warmth, bundle knitted throws across the beds and sofas, set candles alight and let their soft glow fill the rooms, and allow the subtle scent of spices sweep in through the kitchen as autumn treats are left to bake in the oven.


And so, until this season fades, I’ll have plenty of memories savoured from autumn to last through the grey and moody winter days.

I want to savour this season as much as I can, before winter catches autumn in its grasp. Before the trees shudder in winter’s harsh icy winds; leaving them unclothed from their robes of gold. Before the first frost forms over chilly nights, entrapping everything in its icy crystals. And before the afternoon sun is drifted off to sleep as winter’s darkness creeps in earlier.

But before winter arrives, I’ll relish this season that brings me joy and cosiness. I’ll head out into the hills and mountains where mist from mornings sweep through the landscapes and hang within the golden trees, hugging them in a mystical blanket of cloud. Sink my boots into paths of dry crisp leaves, kicking them up in the air and listening to them crunch and rustle under my feet.

I’ll get lost amongst the forests and wander off the beaten track, and let the soft autumn sun that gleams through the canopies warm my cold blushed cheeks and nose. Sit by a lake and watch as the sycamore seeds pirouette in the breeze and land gracefully upon the water. Enjoy gatherings around a crackling bonfire, toasting marshmallows and watching fireworks soar up above, illuminating the night sky with bursts of colour.

Kayleigh Wright