Rays to Land on My Face

Today we're featuring the poetry of Lizzie Parsons, an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate currently working for Wild Learning. She has also written for New Nature magazine (which you should definitely check out if you aren't already a reader - latest issue here), amongst other publications. Find her on twitter here.

Out here

with a smile it is like paradise – my

tomato hot house smells amazing, like

those silly sparkly gems I was writing

about inside. Out here

it is so green, and as you walk

up the outside steps the temperature

rises and the smell of warm summer floral

air hits your nose. The sun sends

down its rays to land on my face,

the air is warm,

imagine water and the woods, sweat

trickling down the inside of my


As I walk

into this space I see damselflies

scattering in the sunlit air,

flies and butterflies.

I see

buttercups and clovers, purple vetch,

and my floating favourites, the

dandelion seeds.