Rain for me

Rain is made for stories
It’s made for conversations
And for contemplation
For escaping into coffee shops
For staying in
For good reads
And good teas

Rain is made for getting soaking wet
For wellies and splashing in the puddles
For wet clothes clinging to cold skin
And mud on the boots
Then, it’s made for a hot shower

Some autumn nights
When the rain seems angry, stormy
And the streets are empty
It’s made for that midnight hot chocolate
Curling up and wondering.
Wondering about the universe,
Life and the magic of it all
It is made for gratefulness
For the safety of indoors

It’s made for sitting by the windows
And wrapping up in blankets
Staring out in awe at the sky
Looking at the raindrops
Making patterns on the glass
A strange meditation

When it drizzles, this half-hearted rain
It’s made for wistfulness.
Wishing it to be gone
Or wishing it to be more
Wishing it not to be a nuisance
Or wishing you were somewhere else

Rain is made for huddling
For seeking shelter
Under a tree or the crevices of buildings
It’s made for longing
To be home
A longing for a companion
Or the company of one’s own




Rain is made for movies
It’s made for music
For listening to songs
Or the rhythm of the rain itself

Rain is made for simple moments
Like feeling the raindrops on your face
Neck craned towards the sky
Arms open wide
Or looking up at night
At the street lights
When they make the rain shine
Like embers of gold

Rain is made for journeys
Long drives in the monsoon
It’s made for playfulness
And for guilty food
Hot, greasy and delicious!
Then perhaps it’s made for afternoon naps

Rain is made for memories
Sometimes it’s made for boredom
Or for card games
Maybe also restlessness
For the rain to stop
So we can get on with it

Rain is made for deep breaths
Of the petrichor of the first rain
It’s made for that special smell
Of wet earth and greenery
Of loam and moss
It’s made for that feeling
Of the world being freshly cleaned
Of the earth gladdened,
And a certain glow in the heart

CreativeMugdha Sapte