Microadventures: Where Your Soul Thrives...

Soul, essence, inner being, whatever you want to call it, put it in an environment particularly one filled with nature and watch it flourish and thrive. Put it in that environment on a regular basis and watch it change for the better. Watch your mind feel clearer, feel your shoulders relax, let the feeling of calm drift over you, carrying you in a bubble of clarity, nothing else matters at this time - everything else can wait - it’s your soul’s time to reconnect with the bigger picture.

It’s so easy to get caught up with material nags. The pressures that we feel from work, our families and what’s going on in the news - it seems to consume us so much so we kind of lose who we are. We become disconnected, disillusioned and our desires are dampened by the day to day stresses.

I often think about our senses. My inner knowing reminds me that my ears weren’t meant for listening to noise pollutants such as gossip and bad news. Instead it was given to me to hear shrieks, and laughs, as friends and I paddle on St Andrew’s cold emerald harbour.

© Funky Ellas Travel

© Funky Ellas Travel

My eyes weren’t meant to see scenes of chaos and destruction. Instead they were meant to see the rare wonders of nature including the the Lomond Hills or the impressive structures man built with bare hands, like the Falklands Estate.

My touch wasn’t meant for hard, cold, concrete walls and pavements. Instead it was meant to feel the smooth mahogany structures of the Cambo Boat or to be caressed by archways filled with roses, wild grass that tickles and teases at the Cambo Estate gardens, or how about feeling the craggy rocks and silky sand on bare feet as I wander along the Fife coastal path?

My tastebuds weren’t made for artificial flavourings or for general convenience to fill a gap,  but instead were meant to experience freshly picked salads and ethically home-cooked foods from a place that cares about your tastebuds like Pillars of Hercules.

My nose, it prefers smells of sweet homemade pastries, open fires and success.   Much like at an afternoon tea with Lindores Abbey distillery which is soon to be opening after 18 years of vision and two years of bringing that smell of success to life.

And then there’s my intuition,  a sense I pay much more attention to nowadays, which guides my soul back to the environments in which it thrives. I won't and can't even consider suppressing, ignoring or trying to convince it otherwise. Life’s long and beautiful but it’s too short to be doing anything other than what it truly deserves to do: thrive. 

Disclaimer: thank you to Welcome to Fife for having me over to experience a wee bit of Scottish bliss!  All walking miles clocked up, splashes in the North Sea and fudge donuts consumed were all mine! ;)