Magic in the Handmade

The warm sultry days of August see wheat fields in harvest, apples ripe for picking and the youthfulness of summer begin to mature as the days feel ever so noticeably shorter. While sycamore seeds prepare to spiral softly through the wind and tiny acorns are growing steadily, we notice the subtle signs of Autumn gradually appearing. This gentle shift in the seasons can be a particularly inspirational one and the perfect time to rekindle a craft or explore a new skill.

It can be easy to forget the magic in the handmade, in a world where we are surrounded by the mass produced. Joy can be found in all things made by hand, whether it’s the pleasure that comes with successfully knitting your own scarf, or the delight in thrifting the perfect character filled and lovingly handcrafted chair, with a life that began much before your own.

Each crafted piece is about a person; the maker pouring their artistry into creating it, the individual it was attentively made for, and the people it goes on to create stories with throughout its life. The beauty of these items comes from the imagination and skill each craftsman brings to them through a great attention to the smallest of details.

Celebrating all things handcrafted is a rebellion against today’s throwaway society. Collecting beautifully made items that go on to enrich our lives can not only bring us so much happiness, but by doing so can create a world where traditional craft skills will flourish rather than being lost, helping keep us in touch with what is unique about our heritage.


Handmade pieces are forever cherished for being just as individual as each of us. What is more magical than imagining the stories they will go on to gather with generations to come?

Alice designs and makes consciously crafted jewellery inspired by the beauty of nature at Alice Stewart Jewellery she can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram.