Expanding the Creative Countryside Team

Today we have some exciting news, and some new faces to introduce! After a short search for our new online editors, I'm thrilled to announce that we've selected four talented creatives, who will be appearing regularly in the journal and helping to build our community. If you're not already familiar with their work, let me introduce these lovely ladies...

Stories Editor: Kayte from Simple and Season

Kayte was one of the first writers to get in touch about writing for the magazine, and two of her pieces will be featured in issue 1. Blogging about simple pleasures, seasonal foods and her explorations in the countryside, her tagline pretty much sums everything up - 'Making the most of our time on Earth, in time with the Earth.' - oh, and her Instagram feed is a wonder.

Nature Editor: Sarah from Mitenska and Frond & Feather

I've been a fan of Sarah's nostalgic prose and beautiful photographs for some time, so I was delighted when she applied for the position. Her design work inspired by nature at Frond & Feather will be featured in issue 1 of the magazine, as will her writing,  Describing herself as a 'naturalist' she regularly posts about savouring life's little moments with her family in the Pennines, where she lives surrounded by moorland, woodland and fields.

Folklore Editor: Sarah from The Salty Sea Blog

Sarah's photography is magical, ethereal, and evokes tales of Celtic folklore - not surprising when you learn she lives in Cornwall, and recently studied both writing and photography. Her lyrical musings will also be featured in issue 1, and she'll be cropping up in the journal with tales of mystery and wild ramblings. If you're based down south, you should definitely bookmark her photography website too.

Adventure Editor: Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies

Chelsea is all about adventures and country living in Wales. She writes about hiking, camping, kayaking and getting out of your comfort zone, and this year aims to walk 1,000 miles (she's already a tenth of the way there!). Her piece on embracing the outdoors in winter will be featured in issue 2, but in the mean time you can catch her in the journal, encouraging us all to get outside and embrace adventure.

Choosing our new editors was an exciting process, but it was also a difficult one. Thankfully, we've also been able to take on some other new writers to contribute to the journal on a more sporadic basis, so keep an eye out for lots of new and inspiring posts!

Eleanor Cheetham