Beautiful Bluebells

Common name(s): bluebell; English bluebell; British bluebell; granfer griggles; cra'tae

Scientific name: Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Wild flowers are nature’s way of encouraging us to get outside and explore. One renowned sight of Spring, is the blankets of purple bluebells which sweep across UK woodlands, revealing an impressive sight and smell!

Bluebells are a great value to our wildlife and many species of insect feed on the sweetly-scented drooping flower for nectar. According to folklore, legend says that floors of bluebells are complexly entwined with fairy enchantments and it’s their magical appearance that has often been illustrated in books and films. Unsurprisingly, numerous British surveys have reported that the bluebell is one of the nation's best-loved flowers and it's now, in May, that they are in full bloom.

Many choose to visit bluebell spots across the country including The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, where these photographs were taken. Other locations to discover are Arlington in Sussex, Skomer in Wales, Hole Park Gardens in Kent, Hackfall Wood in Yorkshire and Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey, to name a few. To check out more beautiful bluebell walks visit

SpringHollie Crawshaw