A Wreath for All Seasons


Stuck in a rut and looking for a new challenge, Katie Smyth and Terri Chandler left their jobs to start a flower business together.  The result of their collaboration was WORM London which now sees them design flowers for weddings, supper clubs and parties as well as working as floral stylists for magazines, books and TV shoots.

With stunning photography from Kristin Peters, Katie and Terri’s book Wreaths (published by Quadrille, £14.99) brings together 20 beautiful floral designs which can be created at home with a little insider knowledge and tutelage.  As a lover of all things floral or foraged, for me Wreaths brought together the joys of foraging with a long held desire to learn how to create floral pieces at home beyond a few stems in a cherished vase. 


‘There is nothing better than seeing the first daffodils of spring; lush, giant, peonies in early summer; the beautiful orange leaves on beech branches in autumn and lichen-covered twigs in winter.  No matter what the time of year, fresh flowers and foliage can be used to creating something special.’

From making a basic wreath shape from a vine to summer chandeliers and stunning meadow balls, Katie and Terri bring a modern approach to floral statement pieces.  Not only are the creations in the book glorious to look out but the practical instructions are step by step and easy to follow, offering the beginner a good place to start.  With just a small handful of tools and tips, you’ll be able to create your own floral artworks with no previous experience required.  There are tricks abound too from how to keep fresh flowers looking lovely for as long as possible to encouraging others to open a little faster so that your finished creation looks full and rich with colour or blossom.  The all-important premise seems to be about encouraging others to capture something special whatever the season and celebrate nature’s beauty.

‘It is incredible what a morning spent in nature can do not only for your sense of wellbeing but also for your appreciation of the natural world.’


This isn’t a book that focuses on traditional floristry.  It’s more about being inspired by the blooms and branches around us and finding those which inspire us to make.  It’s about producing something personal to you.  As someone who never seems to be able to go on a walk without bringing something home, this really appealed to my inner magpie.  Whether you are looking to create a centrepiece that’s fresh, foraged or dried or perhaps a wreath or rustic floral wall hanging or maybe even a geometric wall shape, this gem of a book has so many beautiful ideas to help awaken your inner florist and encourage a little more of the natural world into our homes to be admired. 

For more inspiration, follow Katie and Terri on Instagram @wormlondon

CreativeRebecca Fletcher