A Seasonal Celebration

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It was always my aim to mark the launch of the magazine with a seasonal supper. And just over a week ago we gathered to celebrate autumn, and the first print issue of Creative Countryside magazine.

Family and friends arrived to wish me well, but there were also many creatives that came, some I'd never met before, and the eclectic mix was perfect for the informal occasion. Sarah, Creative Countryside's Nature Editor, also visited with her lovely family, and stayed the night in our bell tent. It was wonderful to meet them all, and to be able to exchange stories and ideas throughout the evening, and the following morning. 

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Spiced mulled cider (homemade from our apple orchard) was handed out as guests arrived, and candles flickered on every available surface. Though it wasn't a warm night, we opened the back door and lingered outdoors, relishing the cool air and warming our fingers around the mugs of cider. 

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Handmade bowls were filled to the brim with autumnal soup, the beetroot, potatoes and squashes picked only the day before from the veg patch. Homemade spelt and sesame seed buns completed the dish, which was followed by an apple & ginger bake, and apple, redcurrant jelly & cinnamon tarts. Eating seasonally is so important in our family's life, and it was wonderful to share a suitably autumnal meal with like-minded others.

I managed to say a few words before handing out gift bags and magazine packages, snatching swift conversations with everyone who attended. Some subscribed there and then, others took home a copy after flicking through the ones on display. 

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After most had gone home, I realised that the stack of folk music I'd selected to play remained untouched; conversation had rendered it unnecessary. All the gift bags had gone. We had to raid the storage boxes upstairs for more copies of the magazine as we sold out downstairs. My husband asked me later if I thought the evening had been a success, and though I was almost afraid to say it out loud then, looking back seems to suggest it was.

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AutumnEleanor Cheetham