October is... squashes of all shapes and sizes, leaves turning golden and falling in clumps, winds that nip your ears, the end of harvest season, and a time for bonfires...

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AutumnEleanor Cheetham
Painterly Flowers

Much as I prefer to wander through the fields and woods and wild places at this time of year savouring these early days of autumn, I’m the first to admit that I do appreciate a good herbaceous border...

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AutumnSarah Hardman
Lavender for the Soul

From the ancient Egyptians filling tombs with its heady perfume to the Arabs, Greeks and Romans utilising its medicinal qualities, lavender has long since been a part of nature’s rich medicine cabinet.  Traded all along the spice route in centuries gone by, its oils and flowers made their way across Europe to monastery gardens...

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MusingsRebecca Fletcher