Think Like a Tree

Sarah Spencer believes that all living things share natural principles that allow them to grow, stay healthy, be adaptable, develop resilience, become connected and pass on what they’ve learned. She maintains that if we can learn to access the wisdom of the forest we can live happier, healthier and more productive lives ourselves. Today, she tells us a bit more about her work and outlook on life...

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A Meal Shared is a Meal Enjoyed

Food provides the human race with a common ground. It's a basic human need that is essential for our survival.  How we source, produce and cook our food is different for us all but it's becoming a global interest in how we can do it better, with less impact and more consideration…

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Creative in the Countryside: The Home Paddock

Nicola:  Can you start by telling us about The Home Paddock and how you came to start your own business?

Sarah:  I’ve always had a strong desire to own a little business of my own. As a teenager I wanted to have a shop filled with rustic furniture and beautiful things. I had a lovely dream of spending my days restoring furniture and arranging the shop to look amazing!

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Adventure Trail

About a mile in to the strenuous hike she saw the sign at the same time that her energetic triplets did.  “Adventure Trail,” it said in printed in black letters, pointing to the right.  Her children’s voices rang out…

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MusingsAnna Bonnema