The First Frost

There’s a winter promise in the air. Taking the dog out for a final stroll late at night, all the signs are there - the sky is clear, the moon bright, and the temperature has dropped rather drastically...

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The Poetry of The Garden

It’s hard to convince myself that gardening is an instrument of grace when I am plastered in mud and weary from a day planting bulbs.  In fact I’ve been planting bulbs for the last month...

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MusingsSarah Wint
Ode to the Map

At 21 years old, engineer William Roy was tasked with mapping the Scottish highlands. Following the rebellion of 1745, the military decided they needed to open up the wild highlands...

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MusingsMelissa Davies
Falling Back In Time

When you spend enough time in rural Romania, your soul will fall back in time, as you see the villagers with strong horses pulling carts up to the forests to harvest their firewood, and the few surviving looms being warped once again...

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AutumnCheryl Magyar