Have you ever wondered why traditional methods of exchange such as bartering have gone out of fashion?

Running a (relatively new) small business, it's impossible to employ highly-paid professionals and still break even. So we're trying something new at Creative Countryside; we're bringing back bartering, and partnering with other creative businesses and individuals for mutual benefit. Sometimes that might mean we simply share links below, or sometimes that might result in a product or event collaboration.

If you love what we're doing here, please show your support for these carefully selected projects below. Think your business would be a good fit? Get in touch to explore how we can work together.




Chelsea is a freelance content marketer, working with ethical outdoor brands (think clothing, trips and technology). Her blog - Loving Life in Wellies - documents her appreciation of all types of outdoor adventure (as long as it doesn't harm the natural world), mostly in Wales.  Chelsea is incredibly easy to talk to, and her passion for the outdoors rubs off on anyone she meets. If you're looking for online content to match your outdoor brand, look no further. 

Here at Creative Countryside, Chelsea is the Online Content Editor, and schedules all the journal posts each month. If you're interested in submitting to the journal, get in touch with her by emailing


Sarah is a writer, artist and photographer living on the Isle of Skye. She produces beautifully-written articles for blogs, journals and magazines on seasonality, slow living, nature, creativity and instilling children with a love of the outdoors. 

Frond & Feather is a portfolio for her artwork. Sarah makes detailed studies of plants, flowers and other natural objects using ink and watercolour. She also designs bespoke and unique logos for blogs and events, and produces nature-inspired mono prints and lino prints. Her fritillary print features in the Spring Seasonal Bundle.

Sarah is Creative Countryside's Nature Editor, and frequently contributes to the journal and magazine. 




Sarah is a writer and photographer living in Cornwall. Her creative work at Salt & Sea Stories aims to bring that enchanting and whimsical world of your childhood into adult life, and is about celebrating this incredible island that we live on, and the world beyond that too. 

Sarah's evocative, beautiful and relaxed imagery is inspired by narrative, nature and whimsy. Specialising in weddings and portraits, she pours a lot of love and soul into everything she does.

Sarah also writes creatively, and is the Folklore Editor here at Creative Countryside.