Online Lecture: Transforming the Everyday into the Extraordinary

Saturday 15th June 2019 at 8pm GMT

(If you can’t make the lecture live, you’ll have access to the replay. You will also receive a transcript of the lecture to refer back to in the future.)

Choosing to do something every day implies it is either a necessity, or a habit, or perhaps both. But when we describe something as ‘everyday’ – everyday chores, everyday demands – it has a tendency to sound dull and devoid of life. The opposite of ‘everyday’ is ‘unusual’ – nothing is special about the things we see as ‘everyday’.

And yet, they are special, or they should be.

In this one-off lecture, I’m going to talk to you about real life, the things that we don’t put on Instagram or see as being particularly important, but the things that we do every day, the things that are often the backbone of our lives. We might not talk about them very often, apart from possibly to lament the fact they need to be done, but how we feel about these everyday tasks – washing, cooking, cleaning, and so on – can have a huge impact on our happiness and how fulfilled we feel.

We’re going to explore how you might transform these everyday actions, turning them into the extraordinary.

I’m also going to talk about the bigger picture: the activities and choices we make beyond these everyday actions, that make up the whole. How we choose to spend our evenings. What exercise we choose to take part in. Where we go on holiday. What we buy with any extra money we might have each month after all the bills are gone.

We’ll look at what impacts these choices, explore the concept of ‘voluntary simplicity’, and consider how what may seem everyday to many people, can actually become extraordinary for you.

This is for you if:

  • you’d like to bring more joy into your everyday

  • you rush through everyday tasks you don’t enjoy

  • you’d like to be more mindful and find time for meditation, but you’re just not sure how

  • you don’t resonate with many of the expectations of modern society

  • you’d like to introduce more simplicity into your life

  • you like spending time in nature

Please note, this is a lecture not a workshop. There will be no questions or live interaction.


This lecture is available for free to all members of the Creative Countryside Community as part of the online summer retreat. Members will also have access to guided meditation and journaling, two seasonal classes, one further lecture, a summer book club, and accompanying resources during the course of the retreat. This is just a small part of what being a member entails - if you’d like to find out more click here.