A monthly membership for those who seek to live more slowly & seasonally… 

If you’ve found this page, chances are you’re the sort of person who thrives in the natural world. You might smile when you see the first snowdrop, look skyward in a warm rain shower, or find a walk in the woods is the best tonic. Maybe you enjoy seasonal feasts around campfires, or I’ll find you scribbling ideas and pressing flowers in a notebook. You might love all these things.

But how often do you find that life gets in the way of these small moments? That another week has gone by and you haven’t been for a walk? That the crocuses have been and gone, and you’ve not really noticed? It’s so incredibly easy to get caught in the cycle of the everyday, especially when your to-do list is as long as your arm, there are hundreds of unanswered emails in your inbox, and slowing things down seems like the opposite of what you should be doing.

What if I told you that following the rhythm and seasons of the natural world can make you more productive, joyful, and fulfilled? That slow living does not always mean a slow speed (thank you Carl Honore for that reminder). And that you’re not alone in believing, or hoping, that this is all possible.

After years spent feeling like I was the only one who wanted to plan and live aligned with the seasons, I discovered that actually there are so many others out there who want to go through this process of reconnecting and rewilding, but they just don’t know where to start, or they’ve come so far, only to feel like they’re stuck again. Sound familiar?

The membership community sets out to provide inspiration and opportunities to live in this way, to return to ancient rhythms and traditions and let nature be your guide. It’s what I wished for when I first set out on my journey to slow and seasonal living all those years ago. The community is your daily reminder that there is another way. And more than anything, it offers a place for you to belong.

“ I felt immediately amongst friends and am looking forward to connecting more with everyone in the future. It takes dedication and energy to bring people together and I’m so grateful you devoted both to create this community.”

There is no one type of person who joins the community. The only thing that joins us is our love for and connection to the natural world, so if that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in. I’ve spent the past six months building and refining what the community offers, and what I’ve learnt during this time is that small changes add up to the bigger picture, so that’s where we start. As with everything, the more you put in, the more you get out of it, but I hope that through the combination of digital and offline content and connection, you’ll find membership fits in with your current lifestyle. The members of this community are such a wonderful group, and I know you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Here’s what joining us includes*…

4 week introductory class

Join to gain exclusive access to a ‘Slow & Seasonal’ 4 week class - you can download and begin at any time. This self-guided class provides an introduction to living your life aligned with the natural world. For each of the 4 modules, you’ll receive a workbook, audio recording of the content, and a separate printable PDF with exercises for you to complete.

Here’s the overview:

Week One: An introduction to slow and seasonal living. We will explore the basics of this lifestyle, and consider what it really means to live slowly and seasonally throughout the year in your life and work.

Week Two: A deeper exploration of slow, seasonal living, and where to look for guidance and inspiration. We will consider the Wheel of the Year, the Celtic Tree Calendar, moon phases, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

Week Three: Simple tips on how to introduce changes today. We will explore ideas like grounding, meditation, keeping a nature journal and eating seasonally.

Week Four: Creating your own seasonal rhythms and checklists. Turning everything you’ve learned so far into actionable steps.


“It’s a lovely group of people and I’ve already learnt so many valuable things!”



  • An in-person meet up in the UK. This is your chance to chat, connect and explore the great outdoors with like-minded folk. Meet-ups will take place on a Saturday afternoon; read all about our autumn meet-up here. Remaining meet-up dates for 2019: Saturday 22nd June (Cotswolds), Saturday 7th September (Midlands).

  • An online retreat. Join the rest of the community for a weekend of creative classes, guided meditation, nature-led journalling, live chat, plus a seasonal book club. You’ll be able to dip in and out of the retreat, or take part in everything that’s on offer - it’s entirely up to you! The online summer retreat will take place in June.


“The day was extremely restorative, and seemed somehow to hit a much needed re-set somewhere inside of me.  I left feeling an immense sense of nourishment… taking the time to meet new people and make genuine connections is something not just to enjoy, but something to actively seek out and embrace.”



You will receive a 24 page A5 mini book - each month has a seasonal theme to guide the content. These books will be printed and posted to your home address by the 23rd of the previous month (e.g. you will receive April’s mini book by March 23rd). They are yours to make notes in, add ideas, and document your journey to living more slowly and seasonally.

Content will include:

  • A calendar / could do list for the month ahead. Key seasonal dates are already included, but there is space for you to add your own.

  • A nature guide to give you an overview of what’s going on in the natural world this month, and things to look out for. These pages could also be used as a micro nature journal.

  • A list of what food is in season, plus recipe inspiration.

  • Slow Sundays: inspiration and space to plan how to spend your Slow Sundays (more information in the introductory class).

  • Monthly micro-adventure - make the most of your 5-9 and learn how to integrate adventures into your everyday.

  • Celtic tree month - learn more about trees and how they can inspire and impact our lives.

  • Moon phases for the month ahead, plus journal prompts for the new moon.

  • Celebrating the season: what’s coming up this month and how you might celebrate on your own, with family and friends, or with the community.


“Thoroughly loving the community, I no longer feel it's just me out here watching the seasons wandering through nature.”



Every Saturday you’ll receive a letter from me straight to your inbox. Expect Slow Sunday inspiration, plus a different focus or challenge for the week ahead (a seasonal habit, small business discount, or sustainability challenge, for example). The letters will also include actionable tips and reading recommendations. I’ll also be sharing updates from my own life and how I choose to live slowly and seasonally.


“I was surprised at how natural the company and conversation flowed; a group dynamic that shared something intangible yet shared and understood by us all.”



  • Regional groups. When you join the community, you’ll also be a part of a regional group led by an ambassador. They will periodically organise extra regional meet-ups and supper clubs to provide you with more opportunities to connect offline.

  • Online connection. You will have access to a private Facebook group for day-to-day chat, plus an online forum (accessed via the CC website) where you’ll find details of meet-ups, and links to other helpful resources.

  • Discounts & more. All members of the community receive 50% off courses, 20% off all magazine/journal purchases, and 10% off all event tickets, plus 48 hours earlybird access to the latter.

  • Extra resources. Occasionally you will receive additional resources or content if relevant to the community.


* as this group is still relatively new, some elements of the above may change from time to time. I will always try and keep members informed and as involved as possible in any decisions.


This membership community is for you if…

  • You’re ready to (re)connect: with nature, with yourself, and with like-minded others.

  • You’ve realised you need to stop using time as a excuse for not living the life you want.

  • You need those gentle pushes and reminders (sometimes permission?) to keep going.

This membership community is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a fix-all approach. The community provides opportunities and inspiration, but you must still put something in if you’d like to see a return on your investment.

  • You learn best from video. You won’t find webinars or video chats very often in the community (mainly because I don’t like doing them!)


Sounds wonderful! How do I join?

Membership costs £15 per month for new members, and you can cancel at any time. You can also opt for annual membership at £150 - with this option you’ll save over 15%, or receive the equivalent of 2 free months.

Just choose a button below to sign up!




Which hemisphere is the community based in?
The northern hemisphere - as such, the content and community elements are all focused around the seasons as they play out in the UK.

Can I join if I live outside the UK?
Yes of course! You might find the offline elements of the course more difficult, though. You will not receive a posted copy of the monthly mini book, but will be able to access a digital copy.

Got another question?

No problem! Email us at contact@creativecountryside.com


(P.S. looking for the free community? That’s over here)