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A Cabinet of Countryside Curiosities For All

Curiosity is the cornerstone of any creative mind.

An inquisitive nature that refuses to take things at face value.  A soul that looks deeper into the world around them and spends time reflecting, thinking, processing.  Curiosity is a blessing (and can also be a curse) but is also a trait that garners immense riches when applied to life outdoors…

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A Meal Shared is a Meal Enjoyed

Food provides the human race with a common ground. It's a basic human need that is essential for our survival.  How we source, produce and cook our food is different for us all but it's becoming a global interest in how we can do it better, with less impact and more consideration…

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To The Lighthouse

The settlement of Melvaig looks distinctly unsettled. There’s spaces between the cottages that wait to be filled but instead new residents build on plots flung out at awkward angles from the village and coastline...

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Veganuary Looks This Good

One month of no meat, dairy, eggs or honey...are you giving it a go this year? Here at Creative Countryside we’ve put together the basics to help you understand why so many people are opting into Veganuary this year, plus a beautiful winter recipe for inspiration...

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