An Autumn List

  1. Create an autumn wreath with foraged finds.
  2. Spend the evening star-gazing. Search for a local event, or simply grab some blankets and find a comfortable spot in the garden.
  3. Plant some bulbs for the spring. Daffodils, snowdrops or tulips are easiest.
  4. Try out wild swimming in a lake or river – just make sure you wear a wet suit!
  5. Embrace that ‘back-to-school’ feeling and learn something new.
  6. Turn off the lights and burn a few beeswax candles instead.
  7. Get foraging for blackberries, mushrooms, elderberries, sloes and cobnuts.
  8. Give thanks for the harvest.
  9. Make the most of vegetable gluts and freeze homemade soups and stews.
  10. Go wildlife spotting.