Tired of feeling like you're always busy and that something's not quite in sync?

We aren't built for a disconnected life.

It was never meant to go this far.

Here we are, supposedly evolved and fulfilled, yet we can't shake the feeling that we're doing it all wrong. Working 40+ hours a week in an office with no windows, coming home to eat strawberries in November, and often going a whole day (week?) without noticing what the weather's been like: this isn't how it's supposed to be.

Don't get me wrong, I've done all those things (many times). And while it might be easy to recognise that your life looks a lot like this, making a change isn't quite so simple. 



I’ve spent the past five years writing about my life in the countryside, learning how to live with intention, celebrating small wonders in the natural world. Along the way, I’ve come to realise that wanting to do things differently is really ok, and that there will always be others out there who want the same things. You just have to find them.

Since leaving my full time teaching job, I’ve published a magazine, run seasonal gatherings, built an inspiring team of contributors, and for the first time, truly felt part of a community of like-minded souls.

Now I use my experiences to guide others to live more slowly and seasonally - through the bi-annual journal and work over at Folk + Field, where you’ll find a membership community, seasonal events and courses.


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